Prosit III

Year: 1919
Design: Max Oertz
Owner: Academic Sailing Club e. V., Berlin
1919 to 1968 in the possession of the association
Specifications: 18.0 m Length on deck, 3.7 m width, 2.1 m depth, displacement 18 tons
Gaff-rigged (until 1938)

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Walross III

Five models of this half-hull I have constructed for the Academic Sailing Club Berlin.


Information on this Yacht

Year: 1971

Length: 55 feet

Type: Swan 55

A report of a trip with the Walross III can be found here .

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Hello world!

Welcome to the Half-Hull Shipyard by master boat designer Joerg Haut from Schwanewede, Germany.

Since the 18th. century shipwrights used to create a half-model of a ship before its construction began. The half-hull was the technical basis for creating the final plans of the ship building project. Moreover the half-hulls were not only functional but were used as a decoration for the ship yard offices.

For about 10 years I have constructed many half-models. In addition to individual boat lovers the Akademischer Segelverein Berlin has ordered several models from my shipyard.

Please look at the boat half-models on this website and contact me if you are interested in a half-hull. I build specific models by assignment. There is also a series of models in my workshop that you can order. I will send the finished product worldwide to its destination.

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